Steven Seagal: Trust Me, The Sochi Olympics Are Secure

So it turns out Steven Seagal weighed in on Sochi security this week, and he wants everyone to know it’s nothing to worry much over.

Despite the fact, “a suicide bomber on the loose. Western governments warned of an imminent terrorist attack. Nearby American warships on stand-by,” writes
Tom Balmforth of Radio Free Europe, “martial arts expert Steven Seagal knows better, apparently.”

Seagal, appearing on Huckabee, had this to say:

“The chances of any of these suicide bombers actually being able to pull it off are extremely remote by virtue of the fact that Sochi is on such high alert. They’ve got amazing assets in place with great liaison over the world. President Putin is doing the very, very best he can. And, like I said, the FSB and [their elite counterterrorism taskforce] Alfa Spetsnaz are really some of the best on Earth, so it’s going to be pretty tough for anybody to pull it off.”

Seagal is in fact a law enforcement officer, and he is in fact pretty tight with Russia and Putin, but that doesn’t make his appearance and corresponding contrarian analysis of the Sochi situation any less bizarre.

Huckabee, on the other hand, took the opportunity to level a somewhat strange potshot, calling Seagall “the unofficial ambassador who’s developed a friendly relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, something our president has not been able to do.”

Take that, Obama.

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