Steven Mendelow: Another Madoff-Affiliated Accountant?

Lars Toomre has uncovered what looks to be another Madoff-affiliated accountant: Steven Mendelow a partner at the accounting firm Konigsberg, Wolf & Co, which helped the Madoff family trust file its tax returns. That firm, notes Toomre, also paid for a public notice of condolence when Peter Madoff’s son died — so the business was obviously close to the Madoff family.

But Mendelow has another connection. Although we haven’t previously focused on him, he was busted in 1993 for establishing a feeder fund that invested in Avellino and Bienes (which in turn invested with Madoff). Think about this for a second. A guy who was busted for fraudulent fundraising alongside Avellino and Bienes ends up working for the Madoff-family accounting firm?

We’ve said before that we doubt David Friehling, the official auditor of Bernie Madoff Investment Securities will end up knowing a lot. We think his role was simply to rubber stamp the reports.

The guys to look at are Avellino, Bienes and now the firm of Konigsberg, Wolf & Co.

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