Steven Levitt: I'm Not A Global Warming Denier!

Steven Levitt, the economist of the Freakonomics duo, is responding to critics accusing him of phoney science in his new book Superfreakonomics. As we noted yesterday, critics are lambasting chapter 5 of the book, in which he supposedly talks about global cooling, rather than global warming being the main trend.

Levitt calls the critiques fraudulent and says:

Like those who are criticising us, we believe that rising global temperatures are a man-made phenomenon and that global warming is an important issue to solve. Where we differ from the critics is in our view of the most effective solutions to this problem. Meaningfully reducing global carbon emissions has proven to be difficult, if not impossible. This isn’t likely to change, for the reasons we discuss in the book. Consequently, other approaches represent a more promising path to lowering the Earth’s temperature. The critics are implying that we dismiss any threats from global warming; but the entire point of our chapter is to discuss global-warming solutions, so obviously that’s not the case.

The statements being circulated create the false impression that our analysis of the global-warming crisis is ideological and unscientific. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Levitt and his partner Stephen Dubner are apparently working on a full response.

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