Empire State Shooting Victim's Brother Said Osama Bin Laden's Death Got More Respect From The Media

steven ercolinoSteven Ercolino

Photo: BlackonWhiteCrimes/YouTube

After Friday’s shooting outside the Empire State Building began hitting the news cycle, many media outlets, including Business Insider, ran pictures of the scene, including people slumped on the curb.But some may have gone too far, according to Paul Ercolino, whose brother was killed in the melee.

Steven Ercolino was shot to death by Jeffrey Johnson, a disgruntled ex-coworker who reportedly blamed Ercolino when he lost his job.

Following the shooting, The New York Times ran a picture of a victim lying on the sidewalk surrounded by blood — something Paul Ercolino dubbed “horrific journalism.”

“The … headlines and the pictures that were in the New York Post and the New York Times that my family had to see and endure, to see those pictures that were the most horrific pictures,” Paul Ercolino told WFAN. “They gave Osama bin Laden more respect and dignity than my brother, sprawled over the — with blood coming from him.”

Paul Ercolino, who asked the media to remember there is a family out there grieving, called his brother a die-hard sports fan.

“We use sports as a refuge, to get away from tragedy, never more than this,” Paul Ercolino told WFAN. “And I know if he was (here) this morning, he’d be calling me up screaming about how horrific the Jets are and how awful the Mets are.”

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