Steven Chu's Facebook Page Confirms It: He's A Scientific Dreamboat

The Department of Energy put out a press release alerting the world that its chief, Steven Chu, has a public Facebook page, “to highlight the potential of groundbreaking research to take giant leaps forward in solving the energy crisis.”


We skipped over there, and like anyone using Facebook, we got sucked into clicking through his photos. What do you think? Steven Chu, pretty cute, in that nerdy, scientific way, right?

Click on the picture below for more pictures of the Chu.

Steven Chu

Steven In The Lab

This looks like a guy that knows science.

Steven Chu In A Dunking Tank

Looks like a sweetheart to us!

Steven Chu Looking Aged

Mr. Chu looks every one of his 61 years here.

Brad Pitt And Steven Chu

Looks versus brains. We know who wins in this one.

Chu In Yellow

We'd trust him with billions of dollars in government money. How about you?

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