'Making a Murderer' convict Steven Avery's mother thinks victim Teresa Halbach isn't even dead

NetflixSteven Avery, convicted of murdering Teresa Halbach in 2007.

The mother of Steven Avery, the convict at the center of Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” documentary series, has always thought her son is innocent.

But now she says that’s because she believes the victim in the murder charge from 2005 is still alive.

In audio published by TMZ from “The Hill-Man Morning Show” on Boston’s WAAF radio, Dolores Avery claims the victim, Teresa Halbach, could be involved in a conspiracy.

“I don’t think she’s even dead,” Dolores Avery said on the radio show.

As for the bones found on the property, she responded, “How do you know if them were her bones?”

She added that someone could have “planted” the bones.

Listen to the full audio at TMZ.

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