'Making a Murderer' subject Steven Avery files a new appeal to throw out his conviction

Steven Avery has filed a new appeal to his murder conviction in Wisconsin.

The motion for appeal, made public Tuesday, cites the abuse of a search warrant and jury improprieties during Avery’s trial, the Daily Beast reported.

Avery, whose trial and convictions are the subject of Netflix’s popular “Making a Murderer,” argues that a warrant that resulted in police turning up evidence of Teresa Halbach’s murder was issued for one property, yet it was used to search multiple properties.

Additionally, he says that one member of the jury, referred to as Juror C.W., told the jury room that Avery was “f–king guilty,” which the appeal states “deprived Avery of an impartial Jury trial.”

The filing also points to the replacement of one juror, Richard Mahler, who was dismissed due to a family emergency after the jury had begun deliberations. However, in the trial covered by “Making a Murderer,” Avery and his counsel decided to agree to a juror replacement in lieu of a mistrial.

Avery is currenlty serving a life sentence for the murder of Halbach. Previous appeals of his conviction were refused up to the state supreme court, and he’s exhausted his ability to be assigned a court-appointed attorney.

The filing can be read at the Wisconsin Court of Appeals site.

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