Steve Wynn Is Interested In Teddy Forstmann's Old Apartment, But The neighbours Aren't Interested In Him

steve wynn andrea hissom

Photo: AP

The late private equity titan Teddy Forstmann’s real estate portfolio, which includes his apartment and Hamptons house, is on sale for a whopping $70 million.And according to the New York Post, casino mogul Steve Wynn is interested in the apartment, at the very least. He’s been looking for a place to rest his head in the city since his ex-wife got his old NYC pad in their divorce.

The neighbours, however, don’t seem thrilled about the idea of having Wynn as a neighbour. They think the deal could be a gamble given his current legal battle with former best friend and partner, Japanese business man Kazuo Okada.

From The Post:

“The problem is, his situation with Okada is messy. People close to the case say it ultimately may not be settled in the courtroom.

“Residents of the buildings he’s most aggressively considering, including Forstmann’s apartment, are unnerved by the situation, and fear there could be reprisals.”


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