STEVE WYNN Goes On Big Rant About Occupy Wall Street, Obama, Deficits And Anger At The Government

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Classic.On the conference call for Wynn Resorts, CEO Steve Wynn went on a big rant on Occupy Wall Street, Obama, and deficits.

Here are our notes in raw form. It’s all mostly paraphrased.

In a nutshell, he says: Deficits are killing us, our dollars are worthless, and the Democrats are bankrupting the country and vilifying anyone who’s successful. So naturally, people are protesting.


It’s very interesting about the folks who are occupying Wall Street.

That group is quite diverse.

There are people in there who think the government should give them more just because they are alive.

There are people who are opposing government spending.

That group is not homogeneous.

What you do have is anxiety and fear that is endemic in the United States of America… due to the government.

I am watching my employees standard of living due to deficits.

The public is making the connection between deficits and their standard of living.

They’re seeing their wages go to 80 cent dollars to 70 cent dollars.

I have not been able to keep up with the effect of deficits.

You’re seeing that on Occupy Wall Street.

You’re seeing it taken to the next level in Greece.

People are trying to break into a parliament primarily controlled by the Unions.

There comes a moment when the population realises that it has to stop.

Rich people are now being defined by the administration as people who make $1 million dollars

Well, most of the businesses in America other than giant corporations are paying taxes under partnerships or S corporations.

We have an administration that is fanning the fires that this is somehow undeserved profligate millionaires. It is worse than hypocrisy.

It’s one thing if it’s kids.

Americans are waking up; It’s taking the form of anger and dissatisfaction with the government. And I think that’s probably right.


One side is right, and one side is wrong.

You can not sustain these levels of deficits.

The Democrats are bankrupting this country.


Meanwhile, shares of Wynn are sliding today, after some mediocre Macau numbers.

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