STEVE WYNN: What The Federal Reserve Is Doing Is What Bernie Madoff Went To Jail For

Casino magnate Steve Wynn was recently interviewed by Jon Ralston, host of “Face to Face with Jon Ralston,” on Nevada’s NBC affiliates. 

For much of the interview, he was highly critical of President Obama and his policies.  This is not a new position.  Wynn has gone after Obama in his company’s earnings conference calls.

What was new was his aggressive criticism of the Federal Reserve’s current easy monetary policy, comparing quantitative easing to a Ponzi scheme:

“The demand for American bonds wasn’t as great as what it used to be. So what we did is what Bernie Madoff went to jail for: the Federal Reserve printed the money and bought the bonds from the government as if it was really an auction and there was really a buyer.”

Wynn takes issue with this because he’s being forced to watch “the paychecks of [his] employees go down the drain in real time.”

“Everyone that works for me — every African-American, every Latino, every Catholic, every Jew, every Italian, every Mormon  in this state — finds that when they take a look at their household budget, the money that they have to live on, their living standard, everything has gotten worse. It costs more for fuel. It costs more for clothing. It cost more for Wal-Mart. It costs more for healthcare. It costs more for everything there is.”

Watch the whole interview here. 

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