Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak said he was scammed out of $95,000 in bitcoin

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty ImagesSteve Wozniak, a founder of Apple.

The Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak said he had several bitcoins stolen by a scammer using a common technique.

The Economic Times reports that Wozniak discussed cryptocurrency during a talk at the newspaper’s Global Business Summit last week.

“The blockchain identifies who has bitcoins,” Wozniak said, referring to the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

He added: “That doesn’t mean there can’t be fraud though.

“I had seven bitcoins stolen from me through fraud. Somebody bought them from me online through a credit card, and they canceled the credit-card payment. It was that easy! And it was from a stolen credit-card number, so you can never get it back.”

Wozniak’s seven missing bitcoins would equate to about $US74,000 ($AU95,000) at Tuesday’s price – though that isn’t likely to be a concern for Wozniak, who is worth about $US100 million, according to an estimate by TheRichest.

Wozniak said he sold most of his remaining bitcoins.

“I didn’t want to watch the price every day,” he said, adding: “I sold all except one. It was enough to experiment.”

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