Steve Wozniak Tells Us Why He's Never Done LSD

Steve Wozniak Siri Interview

Photo: Times Union

Gizmodo is holding a live Q&A session with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak today. Readers can ask him anything!So we did.

Specifically, we asked Woz if Steve Jobs ever offered him LSD. And if so, did Woz try it?

The answer was pretty brilliant:

I have never used an illicit drug. I never spoke to Steve Jobs about drugs or heard from him about drugs even a single time. He never brought it up around me. I had many friends in my high school in Cupertino who used LSD (1966-1968) and many bright ones too but (a) I had many ways to have fun and (b) if it would expand my mind, I felt I had a great mind and wanted to be judged as myself, not myself plus an aid. I did accept drug use by others and was accepted among them and never was judgmental. I don’t have any strong resistance to using LSD someday but after a certain point in your life, what’s the point? Don’t be judgmental. Don’t call yourself right and others, who do different things, wrong. Same for computer and smart phone platforms.

Gizmodo is still holding its Q&A with Woz as of this writing.

Head on over to ask a question of your own >

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