Steve Wozniak Only Plays One video game

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak took some time to answer reader questions over at Gizmodo earlier today.As one of the most important people in the development of the personal computer, he has a lot of smart opinions and ideas.

But it’s not all serious with Wozniak — he’s a prankster and video game lover with a lot to say.

Here are 10 interesting things we learned from his answers.

He still builds things

'I did build stuff up until a point when I decided to hire a programmer for the major part of a universal remote control I was developing. These days I am very busy in the world trying to inspire young innovators and entrepreneurs and haven't the time for development.

'The last thing I did was a Segway key burner with my son so I could set my own speed limits. I would need a lot of reeducation to be at the same stage today.'

Source: Gizmodo

He has an interesting opinion on drugs

'I have never used an illicit drug. I never spoke to Steve Jobs about drugs or heard from him about drugs even a single time. He never brought it up around me.

'I had many friends in my high school in Cupertino who used LSD (1966-1968) and many bright ones too but (a) I had many ways to have fun and (b) if it would expand my mind, I felt I had a great mind and wanted to be judged as myself, not myself plus an aid.

'I did accept drug use by others and was accepted among them and never was judgmental. I don't have any strong resistance to using LSD someday but after a certain point in your life, what's the point? Don't be judgmental. Don't call yourself right and others, who do different things, wrong. Same for computer and smart phone platforms.'

Source: Gizmodo

He only plays one video game

'I only play the original Gameboy Tetris. I buy cartridges on eBay when needed. I have had some stolen and lost. My kids got too good at newer games so I only focus on a few puzzle-like games to be good at them.

'I was always #1 in the Nintendo Power listings in 1988 and after they said my name had been in there too many times and wouldn't print it again, I spelled my name backwards (Evets Kainzow) and sent in a photo of my score.'

Source: Gizmodo

He thinks SSD technology is a game-changer

'Solid State Storage, replacing hard disks with chips, in consumer devices and in the enterprise (data centre servers, where most of the data and analysis takes place). Like with Blackberry phones, the HD's may stick around a while but the days are numbered, at least for the expensive fast ones in data centre racks. Solid State is that much better.'

Source: Gizmodo

He never suspected Apple would become as big as it did

'When we started Apple we had no idea how incredible a day would someday come. Even a couple of years before Macintosh's would have a megabyte of RAM you could see that it would happen. That meant video editing ability. But nobody in Apple really sees it until it happens. Steve Jobs found better formulas for working toward what's not here yet but is coming.'

Source: Gizmodo

Wearable computers are the future

'We're on the path to wearable computers, on our eyes and wrist. People have been comfortable wearing technology in these places for hundreds of years. I wish my tablet had full computer operation, with multiple windows visible at the same time. Maybe that will happen. Maybe I'll even have nice user scripting languages on a tablet someday. That's hopeful thinking.'

Source: Gizmodo

He still hasn't read the Steve Jobs biography

'Haven't had time to read it but I met Walter and his and Steve Jobs' integrity in writing this book impress me and I expect that I'll like it and call it accurate.'

Source: Gizmodo

He was a notable prankster in college

He still does pranks, but in a different way

'My pranks are usually verbal now. I get a wrong number asking for Sylvia and I say that she's in the shower with a friend. I recently was given a fake iPhone 4 while in Perth and have slipped it in place of other iPhone 4's at dinners. The person can't get it to turn on. It looks extremely real, with buttons that look the same.'

Source: Gizmodo

He thinks computers are winning the privacy battle

'We've lost. Technology is too inexpensive and everywhere. The next privacy battle may be in decades but it will be computers protecting themselves from human inspection.'

Source: Gizmodo

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