STEVE WILLIAMS: The Story Behind The Richest, Most Interesting Caddie In The World

steve williams

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Steve Williams put himself at the centre of the golf universe this week.After winning at the Bridgestone, he continued to vent his frustrations about his old boss, Tiger Woods, who fired him last month.

But the current spat with Tiger is just a small part of Williams long career as a caddie.

It has spanned continents and decades. And he’s caddied for some of the all-time greats.

Now, after a messy breakup with Tiger, he’s on to the latest chapter on the bag of Aussie Adam Scott.

Steve was born in 1963 in Wellington, New Zealand

As a school kid, he worked at a butcher shop and dreamed of becoming an All Blacks rugby player

Source: Courier Mail (Australia)

He learned to play golf at the beautiful Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club. He made his professional caddying debut at 13 years old, carrying Peter Thomson's bag in the New Zealand Open

Source: Courier Mail (Australia)

After caddying for numerous pros throughout the 80s, Steve was hired by Aussie great Greg Norman in 1988

Source: The Age

He was fired by Norman in 1989 after snapping at him at a tournament in Japan

Source: The Age

Source: Courier Mail (Australia)

Source: The Age

The 1999 Bay Hill Invitational was Tiger and Steve's first tournament together. They won their first major that same year at the PGA Championship

Source: USA Today

The pair became close friends off the course and a major-winning duo on it. They won 13 majors together

Source: The Mirror

By 2002, he was New Zealand's highest-earning sports personality. He made $8.8 million in prize money as Tiger's caddie

Sources: Courier Mail (Australia), Cork Gaines

On Tiger's weeks off, Steve flew back to New Zealand to race saloon cars. He won the most prestigious race in the country in 2006

Source: Golf Today

Tiger and Steve won 72 tournaments together from 1999-2011

Source: USA Today

But their last win was all the way back on September 17, 2009

After Tiger struggled on and off the course for nearly two years, Steve left his side for the first time. He caddied for Adam Scott in the 2011 U.S. Open as Tiger nursed a leg injury

Weeks later, Tiger fired Steve, and a public back-and-forth commenced

Steve has since signed on with Adam Scott full-time. The pair are looking to win the PGA Championship this weekend in Atlanta. It would be Scott's first major, and Williams first without Tiger

Is this what REALLY led to the Tiger-Stevie breakup?

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