Steve Stockman Is Testing How Ridiculous You Can Be While Trying To Win A Senate Primary

StockmanFacebook/Congressman Steve StockmanSteve Stockman is running an unusual senate campaign.

When Rep. Steve Stockman announced at the last minute that he was challenging Sen. John Cornyn for his seat, political journalists could barely contain their glee.

Stockman has become known for pulling crazy stunts while he is in office and his senate campaign was bound to include even more. It has not disappointed.

The Washington Post reports that of the 12 endorsements Stockman lists on his website, seven aren’t real. Another one is from a conservative activist who died seven months before Stockman even announced his bid. Last month, the Huffington Post reported that Stockman listed the National Rifle Association (NRA) as an endorsement on his site, despite the fact that the NRA has in fact endorsed his opponent.

These are only the latest incidents of Stockman’s unusual tactics (if you can call lying a tactic).

His first fundraising letter, for instance, included numerous lines attacking “liberal John Cornyn,” though Cornyn is no one’s version of a liberal.

Right before the New Year, he sent out a tweet with a picture of a gun and his favourite gun lubricant, “liberal tears.”

He also got in on the “doge meme,” tweeted out a poster combining the “pajama boy” and Duck Dynasty stories and is now accepting campaign contributions in bitcoins.

Basically, he’s doing everything he can possibly imagine to defeat Cornyn.

It’s not working. One poll found that Stockman trails by more than 40 points in the race.

But there are 58 more days until the Texas primary on March 4. Stockman’s campaign is surely dreaming up new plans to capture national attention. We’re looking forward to them.

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