The 11 most memorable quotes from Steve Spurrier trolling other schools

Steve Spurrier shocked the college football world this week when he announced that he was stepping down as the head football coach at the University of South Carolina, effective immediately.

While the football world lost one of their great coaches, we all lost one of the sports’ more entertaining personalities, unless of course your school was on the receiving end of one of his sarcastic jabs.

Through the years, it seemed like none of his schools’ rivals were safe from Spurrier’s comments. Here ten of the best, as collected by the Denver Post, SB Nation, and Lost Letterman.

Spurrier once had fun at the expense of Auburn’s education.

The University of Tennessee was a common target for Coach Spurrier.

Even Peyton Manning wasn’t safe from Spurrier’s jabs.

Spurrier once jabbed the University of Georgia for all the trouble their players got into.

Spurrier was still throwing barbs at rivals after moving on to the University of South Carolina

After denying he said the previous quote and hearing Clemson coach Dabo Swinney was upset, Spurrier then took a shot at Swinney.

And even though his time in the NFL was a failure, he still found time to make fun of his old SEC rivals.

After Florida State suspended several players for receiving more than $6,000 in free shoes from agents, Spurrier gave the school a new nickname.

And even when there was a scandal involving one of his own players, Spurrier still managed to take a dig at another school.

Spurrier wasn’t impressed with the Vols’ bowl resume.

The poor Vols.

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