Steve Spurrier Wouldn't Give His Press Conference With A 'Negative' Reporter In The Room

In his weekly press conference, Steve Spurrier announced that former starting quarterback Stephen Garcia had been dismissed from the South Carolina football team.

But the coach refused to conduct his typical group question and answer session, instead opting for one-on-one interviews, unless a particular reporter removed himself from the room.

Ron Morris, a sports columnist for the State, may be Spurrier’s harshest critic. 

Morris recently titled an article, “In the end, Spurrier coached poorly.” But it was an article written six months ago that really drew the coach’s ire. 

Morris posted a story saying Spurrier “poached” Bruce Ellington, the basketball team’s leading scorer, for the football team. Spurrier called it “false, wrong and totally incorrect.”

He calmly asked television crews to join him, individually, in a separate room. And that he’d then come back for the writers.

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