The NFL's newest insider is retired wide receiver Steve Smith Sr.

Steve Smith Sr. officially retired from the NFL this year after 16 successful seasons catching touchdown passes and talking smack to his opponents. 

Now, just months into his retirement, Smith Sr. has suddenly become a bona fide NFL Insider — already with two big scoops under his belt. 

First, on Tuesday, Smith was the first to break the news that wide receiver Torrey Smith would be released by the San Francisco 49ers and become a free agent. ESPN insider extraordinaire Adam Schefter later confirmed Smith’s scoop, and the team quickly followed it up with a statement. 

Next, on Wednesday, Smith Sr. broke the news that the Baltimore Ravens plan to release veteran defensive lineman Elvis Dumervil.

Yet again, Smith Sr. got the scoop ahead of NFL insiders who have dedicated their careers to breaking precisely this sort of news. (It is also worth wondering if Smith Sr.’s source here was Dumervil himself.)

After he retired, Smith Sr. quickly joined the NFL Network as an analyst. Along with his TV work, Smith Sr. seems keen on also breaking free agent news on Twitter. If he ever decides for a comeback, surely we know the insider that will break the news.

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