Steve Nash Designed His Own Stylish Suit Collection During The NBA Lockout

Steve Nash Suits

Photo: Indochino

Steve Nash has always been considered one of the league’s best dressed individuals.So it should come as no surprise that he worked with the menswear company, Indochino, to design his own suit and accessories collection.

It’s not like he has anything better to do.

The collection is comprised of six suits and a number of ties, pocketsquares and cufflinks.

The pieces are all quite stylish. And moderately priced.

Unless, of course, you are an out-of-work basketball player.

The Steve Nash Brown Nailhead Suit

The Steve Nash Blue Nailhead Suit

The Steve Nash grey Nailhead 3-piece Suit

The Steve Nash Charcoal Nailhead Suit

The Steve Nash Prince of Wales 3-piece Suit

The Steve Nash grey Glen Plaid Suit

Steve Nash Dotted Ties

Steve Nash Pocket Squares

Steve Nash Cufflinks

He's not the only NBA player with an apparel collection.

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