Steve Kerr appeared to troll James Harden by pretending to fall over during a media session

  • Steve Kerr appeared to mock James Harden on Monday by pretending to fall down while he spoke to reporters and then questioning who fouled him.
  • The move came after the Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets in a controversial Game 1 that featured several Rockets players complaining that referees missed foul calls on the Warriors.
  • Two separate reports on Monday detailed the Rockets’ efforts to study how the Warriors are officiated, with the Rockets eventually complaining to the NBA and saying they would have beaten the Warriors in Game 7 of last year’s Western Conference Finals if the proper calls were made.
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Steve Kerr decided to have some fun with reporters just one day after the controversial Game 1 between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors.

While sitting down for his media session on Monday, Kerr pretended to fall over on his stool, then questioned who fouled him.

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Here’s the video of Kerr.

The joke came after James Harden and the Rockets took issue with the officiating in the Warriors’ Game 1 win. Harden several times fell over while shooting threes and felt he was fouled, believing the Warriors didn’t allow a safe landing space, as league rules dictate. He believed he was fouled by Draymond Green in the same manner on a game-tying three-point attempt with 10 seconds left.

Another video:

The discourse of the game has only gotten uglier, as The Athletic and ESPN both reported that the Rockets did a study analysing the officiating for the Warriors and complained to the league, believing the Warriors have gotten preferential treatment from the referees. The Rockets’ study included their Game 7 loss to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals last year. The team concluded that officials cost them over 18 points on free throws because of missed fouls.

Kerr on Monday called the focus on the officiating “unfortunate,” saying that it should be about basketball because the Warriors similarly believed they didn’t get foul calls.

“In the modern game, a lot of players have gotten really good at deception, creating contact. I don’t remember people falling down on three-point shots all the time when I played” Kerr said, noting that rules have changed over time.

“There’s so much deception that’s part of the game, it’s very, very difficult to officiate.”

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