Photos Of Steve Jobs's Final Design Masterpiece, Before It Was Changed

Apple Campus 2

Steve Jobs’s last public appearance was a very different kind of product unveiling: He appeared before the city council of Cupertino, Calif., forever Apple’s hometown, to pitch plans for a gigantic new headquarters building that looked like a UFO planted in a serene forest.

Today, we learned that the campus’s construction has been delayed until 2016, according to Bloomberg’s Peter Burrows.

Apple has filed new plans and a new timetable with the city of Cupertino, California. The latter pushes back the start date on the campus until 2014.

Cupertino’s environmental impact report likely won’t be completed until next June.

Apple has made modest changes to the plan for the 176-acre site:

  • Moving a 1,000-seat auditorium farther away from a road
  • More parking spots
  • The removal of a footbridge over a creek
  • Adding a new building to house utility equipment
  • Tweaking the construction plan so Apple doesn’t have to truck away any dirt

The main spaceship building is unchanged. It will house 14,000+ employees in 2.8 million square feet. The campus will have 7,000 trees.

Cupertino will post the new plans online after Thanksgiving–after it has added enough servers to handle the crush of web traffic from around the world.

Here it is from above. The roof will have solar panels.

Here's a schematic.

The new building will occupy a campus formerly owned by Hewlett-Packard.

By putting most parking underground or in structures, there's room for 6,000 trees.

The round main building will be surrounded by nature.

A nice place to take a break from tweaking icon pixels.

There are four floors in the main building—but it doesn't seem imposing.

Apple will take what it's learned from building glassy retail stores and apply it to the new building..

All that glass will let in natural light—making the building more efficient and greener.

Paths will line the campus, which has lots of open space.

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