Steve Jobs' Yacht Is Being Held In Amsterdam Over A Bill Dispute

steve jobs

Photo: Apple

One of the last major products Steve Jobs worked on wasn’t for Apple. It was for himself.He designed a yacht with French designer Philippe Starck. The yacht was built by Dutch company Feadship.

It was completed at the end of October.

The Jobs family has not been able to bring the yacht home because there is a billing dispute, the FT reports.

The yacht is sitting in the Port of Amsterdam under a court order because Starck says the Jobs’ owe him more money for his design work.

Starck says the Jobs family owes him $3.96 million (€3 million). He says the family owes him six per cent of the cost of the yacht, which he says is worth $198 million (€150 million). The Jobs family say the yacht is worth $139 million (€105 million), according to the FT.

Until the dispute is resolved, the yacht will sit in Amsterdam’s port.

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