Steve Jobs Would HATE This Weird Apple Logo That His Former Marketer Guy Kawasaki Is Now Using In Presentations

A bubbling Aussie startup has recruited ex-Apple exec Guy Kawasaki. Image: Canva.

Former Apple marketer Guy Kawasaki is in Sydney this week as part of his role at Australian design startup Canva.

He gave a presentation this morning about why he took on the job of Canva’s chief evangelist (read: head of marketing and sales).

Kawasaki says he believes Canva will change design in the same way Macintosh shook up computers, Google democratised information, and eBay opened up online commerce.

But take a close look at the logo he uses for Apple in his presentation. It’s a pac-man style, pixelated version. All the other logos used are up to date.

Business Insider asked Kawasaki if there was a reason he used the blurry icon – he laughed and said “I think that was just a mistake”, adding: “Steve Jobs turned over in his grave.”

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