Steve Jobs' 10 Biggest Whoppers From Last Night's D8 Interview

Steve Jobs at D8

Photo: Adam Tow, All Things Digital

In Steve Jobs’ wide ranging interview at the D8 conference last night, he tossed out a few whoppers that we just couldn’t let go.

Steve says Apple doesn't have the most resources of everyone in the world.

Steve said, 'Apple is a company that doesn't have the most resources of everyone in the world.' What!? Apple is the second biggest company by market cap in the USA. It has $40 billion in cash in the bank! That's plenty of resources.

It doesn't matter that Apple's market cap is bigger than Microsoft's.

'It doesn't matter very much' that Apple's market cap is bigger than Microsoft's. Yeah, right! Steve knows it matters, and knows it's a really big deal -- especially to anyone who (like Steve) watched it happen from Apple's near death in the 90s.

Steve disses mobile ads once again.

Steve reiterated that mobile ads have always sucked, so Apple is doing iAds. John Battelle has a good rebuttal to that: 'in fact they've been done the way iAds is doing it for nearly a year by third parties.'

Steve says he thinks people smarter than him are going to figure out the TV market.

Steve said the cable market is 'very balkanized' so Apple TV is a hobby. 'Smarter people than us will figure this out,' he said. First of all, Steve Jobs doesn't really think there's anyone smarter than him or Apple. Second of all, Engadget reported that Apple is working on an update to Apple TV. Steve repeatedly said the problem with cable is the 'go to market' strategy. That suggests that Apple could figure out the go to market strategy and attack the TV market.

Steve doesn't want to see a nation of bloggers.

He doesn't want us to descend into a nation of bloggers. Really? Then why are you speaking at a conference sponsored by a tech blog? What Steve really meant to say was, 'I hate Gizmodo for revealing the new iPhone.'

Steve says he wasn't talking to the press about Flash.

'We weren't talking to the press,' about Flash, but Adobe was talking to the press, trashing Apple. Please. Steve Jobs told people at the Wall Street Journal that Flash was dying and they should ditch it. He called it a 'CPU hog,' and a 'source of security holes.' He's been dissing Flash for years -- like this time in 2008.

Steve thinks Gizmodo is a bunch of extortionists.

Steve called Gizmodo extortionists. We're not so sure we see extortion. From what we've read, Gizmodo said it would return the phone as long as Apple sent along a legal letter confirm that it was Apple's phone. That's not extortion as far as we can tell, that's getting legal confirmation of the property.

Steve didn't think of Microsoft as a platform rival.

Never saw ourselves in a platform war with Microsoft. It's possible Steve felt that way by the time he returned to Apple in the late 90's and the battle was lost. But, Steve saw Microsoft as a threat in the 80's. And rightfully so.

Google shouldn't be rude.

On Google: 'Just because you're a competitor, doesn't mean you have to be rude.' We think Steve was referring to all the jokes Google made about Apple at its developers conference. We get that Steve had his feelings hurt, but let's not forget he reportedly said Google's 'Don't Be Evil' motto is bullshit. In fact, he made a rude little dig at Google during the D8 interview. When Walt asked about privacy, Steve brought up Google's WiFi problem.

Google's Android surprised Steve Jobs.

Steve says he basically woke up one day and Google owned Android and was suddenly competing with Apple. We don't buy this. Steve is a smart guy. So are the other people at Apple. It's their job to know what Google is doing. And, Eric Schmidt was on the board at Apple. Steve knew what Google was doing. It's inexplicable that he allowed Eric to stay as close to Apple for as long as he did.

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