11 Great Quotes From A 1983 Steve Jobs Story

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Earlier today we read a 1983 Time magazine story on Jobs we saw linked on Twitter.It’s always fun reading old stories on Jobs because he’s so closely guarded at this point in his life. It’s fun getting new details on him.

Also, profiles of Jobs from back then had a slightly harder edge to them. He was seen as an innovator, but not a God, so reporters were less worried about hurting his feelings.

Plus, people that worked with him seemed to speak a little more freely.

Jobs is getting the full biography treatment from Walter Isaacson next year in “iSteve: The Book Of Jobs.” We’ll be curious to see how varnished that book is, and how it matches older stories we’ve read.

Until that book is released, enjoy some our favourite excerpts from the 1983 Time story.

In 1983 Steve Jobs personal worth was pegged at $210 million

How times have changed. Factoring in inflation, Jobs wealth today would be $464 million, which is half what Groupon cofounder Andrew Mason's wealth is estimated to be. It's also a fraction of Mark Zuckerberg's personal fortune which is pegged at $13.5 billion.

Wozniak also said of Jobs, 'He's not really been into computers, and to this day he has never gone through a computer manual.' But, what Jobs lacked in technical expertise he made up for in salesmanship.

The success of Apple turned Jobs into a tyrant

Check out this brutal quote from a friend: 'Something is happening to Steve that's sad and not pretty, something related to money and power and loneliness. He's less sensitive to people's feelings. He runs over them, snowballs them.'

Here's another one from ex-Apple PR manager Jeff Raskin, 'He would have made an excellent King of France.'

People at Atari hated his hard charging ways

Jobs worked at Atari and drove people crazy. While it was pretty mellow place, Jobs was cranking.

Atari's chief engineer at the time said of Jobs: 'His mind kept going a mile a minute. The engineers in the lab didn't like him. They thought he was arrogant and brash. Finally, we made an agreement that he come to work late at night.'

Jobs came up with the name Apple because nothing better came up

'One day I just told everyone that unless they came up with a better name by 5 p.m., we would go with Apple.'

He had a funny attitude towards food

Jobs gave up being vegetarian saying, 'Interacting with people has got to be seriously balanced against living a little healthier.' As for food, he also said, 'The amount of time you spend shopping and preparing and eating food is enormous. The amount of energy your body spends digesting the food in many cases exceeds the energy we get from the food.'

Jobs was a bit erratic in his early days

A former Apple manager said, 'He should be running Walt Disney. That way, every day when he's got some new idea, he can contribute to something different.'

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