Check Out What Happened This Week In History

Star Jones

Before we look ahead to another week of news, let’s take a look back at the biggest stories that broke this week in history.

From a confessed serial killer and a convicted ponzi schemer, a Playboy wedding to the concert heard around the world, and firings by Barbara Walters and President Obama.

Here are the stories that took over headlines from June 26th-July 2nd.

June 28, 1919: The signing of the Treaty of Versailles ends World War I.

June 26, 1963: President John F. Kennedy delivers one of the most memorable speeches of his career in West Berlin, famously saying 'Ich bin ein Berliner' ('I am a Berliner' -- around the 4:30 mark).

July 1, 1989: Playboy Editor Hugh Hefner marries for the second time to 'Playmate of the Year' Kimberley Conrad.

June 27, 2005: Dennis Radar - the infamous serial killer known as BTK - pleads guilty to 10 counts of murder during a killing spree that began in the 1970s. During that day in court, Rader graphically described how he murdered his victims.

July 2, 2005: Live 8 - a string of 10 simultaneous benefit concerts - mark the 20th anniversary of Live Aid ahead of the year's G8 Summit. Over 1,000 musicians perform, as the event is broadcast live on close to 200 television networks.

June 27, 2006: Star Jones makes a surprise on-air announcement of her departure from talk show 'The View.' Jones later told People Magazine 'I feel like I was fired.' The next day, show creator and co-host Barbara Walters said she felt 'betrayed' by Jones' actions.

June 29, 2007: The Apple iPhone goes on sale for the first time.

June 27, 2008: Bill Gates retires as CEO from Microsoft to focus full-time on his charity work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

June 29, 2009: Bernie Madoff is sentenced to 150 years in prison after being found guilty of organising one of the largest ponzi schemes in history.

June 29, 2010: General Stanley McChrystal announces his retirement, days after being fired by President Obama for making disparaging remarks in a Rolling Stone Magazine article.

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