Steve Jobs Returns, Disappoints

Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ return to the stage today was exciting. The new products he brought with him were less exciting.

Jobs appeared in good spirits, drawing a long standing ovation, candidly mentioning his liver transplant, and suggesting he’ll be sticking around Apple for the forseeable future.

“So, I’m vertical, I’m back at Apple, loving every day of it, and I’m getting to work with our incredibly talented teams to come up with some great new products,” he said.

But that was about it, as far as excitement goes.

Jobs showed off a few solid products everyone knew were coming — new iTunes features, new iPod nano with camera, etc. — and a few that were not expected so soon, such as the iPhone 3.1 software update. Fine and good.

But Steve missed a big one. The iPod touch — which everyone “knew” was coming with a video camera — did not get a camera. Would-be buyers will have to settle for price cuts and faster guts instead.

This is disappointing, as a camera would be a much more compelling addition to the iPod touch than the iPod nano. (Why? Internet connection for uploading videos to YouTube right away; on-device editing; apps that take advantage of the camera, etc.) But it’s not happening — not yet, at least.

If Apple can push out another update with a camera before the holidays, it could save face. But if this is it until 2010, then this is a big letdown.

Good to see Steve again. But a snooze fest for any Apple fans expecting new, must-buy products.

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