Here's A Funny Story Of Steve Jobs Pranking Phil Schiller And Telling The Haters Off

Don Melton, the engineer who led the development of Apple’s web browser, Safari, published a long blog post about Steve Jobs.

He doesn’t pretend to be a confidant of Jobs. He was someone that was around Jobs from time to time as part of his job.

One of the stories he tells is pretty funny.

Jobs was running through a rehearsal for a 2003 MacWorld keynote where he would announce the Safari browser. Melton was in the audience.

Jobs decided he was going to prank Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller during the rehersal.

Jobs is flipping through the slides with Schiller in the audience. He hits a slide about Apple’s retail stores. The slide says, “1.4 million visitors in the month of December alone.”

Then Jobs says, “So to all of you in the press who doubted us…”

And then he flashed this image on a slide:

After posting this image, he looked out to Schiller and said, “What do you think, Phil? Too much?”

The room burst out laughing because clearly Jobs was not going to include this in his official presentation.

For more on what it was like working with Jobs, head over to Melton’s site, he has other great stories >

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