Steve Jobs Admired Mark Zuckerberg So Much That He Wouldn't Compete With Him

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Photo: Apple

Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson was just on stage with Don Graham, CEO of the Washington Post Company and a Facebook board member.So naturally talk turned to the late Apple CEO and his relationship with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“Jobs meant an enormous amount to the education of Mark,” Graham told Isaacson. “Mark will talk about that until the cows come home.”

Graham asked if Jobs ever mentioned Zuckerberg to Isaacson.

“I once asked Jobs who [he] admired in the Valley,” Isaacson responded. “Mark’s was the first name on his lips.”

Jobs admired Zuckerberg for his “intuitive feel” for what Facebook needed next, for his passion and willingness to “do stuff that allows him to be on shifting sands—his willing to cannibalise old things. He felt an odd kinship to Mark,” Isaacson said.

The author then noted that “Steve never cracked the code on social—maybe a few people in the room remember Ping.”

Ping was Apple’s attempt to build a social music sharing site. Apple is reportedly planning to shut it down soon.

Isaacson asked Jobs why he didn’t try again. His answer: “Maybe because Mark did it so well. There’s not a need for a whole lot of social networks and  Facebook has got it licked.”

If Zuckerberg didn’t know the admiration he had for Jobs was mutual, he should now.

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