Steve Jobs Led A Redesign Of Apple’s Stores With Jony Ive

apple store

In the past few days a number of rumours about Apple’s retail stores have been kicking up.

Today we’re getting a fresh batch, but these rumours sound the most accurate so far.

Apple is reworking its stores in a project called Apple Store 2.0 internally, Mark Gurman at 9 to 5 Mac reports. He received a “a load of unconfirmed information” from a source on what Apple’s planning.

Here are the key points. It doesn’t sound like a major overhaul to us.

  • Steve Jobs and Jony Ive worked on redesigning the store, and adding new features.
  • Personal setup assistance is getting a big boost, with bigger dedicated space for people getting started using Macs.
  • He says Apple will put iPads next to Mac computers to list features instead of the current paper signs its uses.
  • Some Apple stores are going to get “huge” new displays and better sound systems.
  • Apple is going to release a new iOS app for Apple stores that will be able to tell when you enter a store, and provide assistance.
  • Apple Insider reports more Apple employees will be equipped with iPads and Apple is updating its retail software.

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