Someone paid more than $12,000 for a high school yearbook with Steve Jobs' photo in it

Steve Jobs yearbook photoeBay/1972 Homestead High School YearbookSteve Jobs high school yearbook photo

Someone just paid a whole lot of money for a small piece of Apple history.

A 1972 Homestead High School yearbook — complete with a picture of Steve Jobs as a senior — just sold for $US12,322 on eBay.

“This is surely one of the most nostalgic pieces of ‘Steve Jobs’ memorabilia you can possibly find and the perfect gift for any ‘Steve Jobs’ enthusiast,” the listing raves.

The seller was a freshman at Homestead when Jobs was a senior.

“My brother was friends with Jobs and I knew his sister Patty who was in my grade,” seller bcwright77 told CultofMac. They even had an electronics class together.
“Jobs didn’t seem serious about the class and would clown around a lot.”

Bidding on the yearbook began on March 11 with an opening offer of $US5,000. Seventeen people bid on the item, eventually bringing the final selling price up to $US12,322 on Saturday.

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