Steve Jobs Healthy Enough To Remain On Disney's Board (AAPL)

Here’s something hopeful about Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs, who’s taking leave till June to convalesce: He’s healthy enough for Disney (DIS) to renominate him to its 12-person board in an SEC filing (.PDF)

Jobs owns 7.4 per cent of Disney’s stock after the company acquired the movie studio he used to run, Pixar, in 2006. Jobs is the only non-employee who sits on the board that earns no pay for it and he attended 75% of the board’s meetings in 2008.

PaidContent, which first spotted the memo, intelligently suggests not reading much into it:

The same Disney proxy includes a re-nomination of Aylwin B. Lewis, the only board member who could not attend 75 per cent of the six required meetings, explaining that it “was caused by an unusual set of professional and personal circumstances.” That included a “professional transition and a family health issue issue that triggered scheduling conflicts that were both unpredictable and unavoidable.” The rationale for keeping him: in the previous five years, he met the requirements.

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