Steve Jobs Finally Gets To Destroy His House

steve jobs mansion photo

  • Steve Jobs finally gets to destroy his house [Apple 2.0]
  • Microsoft donates $1 million to a women’s software group [Biz Journals]
  • Breaking Views says its in merger talks with Reuters [PaidContent]
  • eBay Live! event goes away [Reuters]
  • How to get noticed in the iPhone app store [WSJ]
  • Nielsen and ComScore get in a silly back-and-forth over size [WSJ]
  • AOL’s Relegence will shut down its B2B biz and focus on powering MediaGlow sites [PaidContent]
  • TechCrunch says it landed hundreds of secret Twitter documents [TechCrunch]
  • Twitter CEO Ev Williams says his account was hacked [MediaBistro]
  • After firing a bunch, Yahoo is hiring recruiters again [Valleywag]
  • The Facebook valuation cheat sheet [CNET]
  • Bartz to Yahoos: “we need to stop waiting and get moving” [Valleywag]
  • VC activity up 61% in Q2 [Chubby Brain]
  • Facebook has new ad filters [All Facebook]
  • App-maker Rock You says June was its best month yet [Inside Facebook]
  • Profitable Paltalk pays investors back [NewTeeVee]
  • New York Times could start charing for online within weeks [The Guardian]

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