Steve Jobs Was Robbed At Gunpoint In A Pizza Parlor

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For all that’s already been written about the life of Steve Jobs, more and more new details keep surfacing.

In an excellent interview with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Dan Lyons (famous for his Fake Steve Jobs blog) pulls some interesting details from a man who has known Jobs almost his entire life.

Read on for 8 things we learned from it, then head over to Lyons’s site to read the full interview for yourself.

When he was hired at Atari, Steve was so intense that they put him on the night shift by himself

'I didn't do it to make money but just to build a device to explore it, not to save money on phone calls. I was so honest I would not use the blue box to make long-distance calls. But I wanted to play pranks, like route signals around the world and make them come back to the phone next to me. We did prank calls. I would call a hotel in Paris and make a reservation. At the dorms in Berkeley we would go door-to-door selling blue boxes. One hundred and 50 bucks was the price.'

Wozniak prank-called the Vatican and pretended to be Henry Kissinger

'We were doing a demo of a blue box in a dorm room. I called Italy, then asked for Rome, then asked for the Vatican. I told them I was Henry Kissinger calling from a summit meeting in Moscow. It was 5:30 in the morning in Italy. They told me to call back in an hour. I did, and I spoke to a bishop who said he had just spoken to Henry Kissinger in Moscow.'

Jobs and Wozniak were robbed

By his own admission, Wozniak would have been a terrible head of the company

'Steve had a background working in computer stores buying stuff cheap and selling it for a lot more. I was shocked when he told me how you could buy something for 6 cents knowing he could sell it for 60 bucks. He felt that was normal and right, and I sort of didn't. How could you do that? I was not for ripping people off...I never wanted money. I would have been a bad person to run a company. I wanted to be a nice guy.'

What's the deal with Jobs driving a car without licence plates?

'You can get a permit for that. Steve was always trying to be anonymous, and hidden. That's the opposite of how I am. I don't call reporters, but I don't hide from people who I am. I get tons of email a day and I try to answer all of them.'

The rumours about Steve always parking in handicapped spots were true

'He was always flying around to buildings in his car and you know what it's like when you can't find a parking spot, so he would just drive up and pull in. There's a story that someone once keyed his Mercedes at Apple so from then on he would park his car in a handicapped spot near a window so it was always being watched.'

We knew Wozniak was still on Apple payroll, but we didn't know for how much

'I get 200 bucks every two weeks. A tiny salary.'

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