New Steve Jobs Email: "You Are A Super Salesperson, By The Way"

After we ran our post about how to get Steve Jobs to respond to your email, Srini Dharmaji, CEO and founder of mobile ad company GoldSpot Media, passed along an email he recently got from Jobs.

“How to get Steve to respond? I think it is totally random and as you rightly said, depending on his mood,” said Dharmaji.

He went the route of insulting* Jobs saying, “As far as mobile ads go – You are just being a jerk !”

Jobs’ pithy response: “You are a super salesperson, by the way.”

A pretty funny response from Jobs, which we’ve pasted below.

We checked the headers, and it seems to be real. When asked about its authenticity, Dharmaji tells us, “Of course it is. Why would I put myself and my company on the line for a silly thing like this?”

*Update: Dharmaji tells us over email he wasn’t trying to be insulting: “The tone and tenor of my email to Jobs was friendly and definitely NOT insulting as you mentioned in your article. No matter what opinions people have, this is just meant to be a funny thing about how to get Steve’s attention”


Photo: Business Insider

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