Steve Jobs Doesn’t Have A Gold-Plated Retirement Package

steve jobs

[credit provider=”Dan Frommer, Business Insider”]

Steve Jobs does not have a lot of perks waiting for him after his retirement.According to Apple’s last proxy statement, he has about 5.5 million Apple shares, which gives him a net worth of over $2 billion—plenty for anything he ever wants to do.

But his salary has been only $1 per year ever since he reclaimed the CEO role in 2000, and Apple’s financial statements give no indication of any severance package, pension, or lifetime health plan, according to Footnoted (which studies SEC filings for these kinds of things).

Apple has reimbursed Jobs for all his private plane flights since 2001, but the company has reported the amount of these reimbursements in every quarterly filing. Last quarter, Jobs didn’t claim any reimbursement—he wasn’t flying for business.

Incidentally, he’s never been paid any salary for being on the board at Disney since 2006, either. However, he does own 138 million Disney shares from the sale of Pixar, which is worth another $4.4 billion.