Steve Jobs Does Not Drive A 1997 Honda Civic

Enquirer pictures Honda civic steve jobsThe taillights of the car Steve Jobs is supposedly getting out of (upper left) look a lot like the tail lights of a 1997 Honda Civic

Photo: Walk Like Steve Jobs

A blog called Walk Like Steve Jobs has analysed the recent National Enquirer pics of Jobs supposedly leaving the Stanford Cancer centre recently and concluded that they’re fake.Why?

Because the taillights of the car that Jobs is getting out of look a lot like the tail lights of a 1997 Honda Civic. Whatever we know about Jobs, he doesn’t drive a 1997 Honda Civic.

Of course, he could have been getting a ride. Or the taillights could have been from a completely different car — lots of cars have similar taillights.

The blogger rightly points out that the Enquirer is not known for journalistic integrity and that Jobs is attending dinner with President Obama in San Francisco tonight, which might be a hardship if he were really sick and had only six weeks to live.

Then again, what would you do with your last six weeks?

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