Steve Jobs At D8: Everything You Missed

Steve Jobs at D8

Photo: Asa Mathat, All Things Digital

Apple CEO Steve Jobs just wrapped up his talk at All Things Digital’s D8 conference with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg.We followed along on Twitter, Engadget, and All Things D.

Kara and Walt didn’t hold back with their questions. They asked all the big questions in a fascinating interview.

We’ve assembled the night’s highlights into one package.

Walt tried to bait Steve Jobs into talking about feeling betrayed by Google. Steve dodged the questions, eventually saying 'My sex life is great.' And that was that.

Apple is not getting into search

Apple will not replace Google on the iPhone as the search engine or the Maps provider.

This could mean Apple really isn't getting into search, or maybe it means Apple will roll out a search engine next week at WWDC and call it the most magical and revolutionary search engine ever.

Steve fears a nation of bloggers

Steve says he's all for helping the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal make money on content. Why? Because 'I don't want to see us descend into a nation of bloggers.' Correct us if we're wrong here, but isn't All Things D a blog?

Whatever, Steve's suggestion to media companies looking to get paid: Go low cost, and make it up on volume.

There's zero committees at Apple. It's organised like the world's biggest startup, says Steve.

On emailing Ryan Tate of Valleywag, Steve said he wanted to straighten this guy out that was sending obnoxious emails.

Steve called Gizmodo extortionists

Yikes! This looks serious. Steve was asked about the lost iPhone, and going after Gizmodo. People told him to let it slide, but he said, 'I'd rather quit' than be extorted by Gizmodo.

Earlier called the story amazing, as it has theft, buying stolen property, extortion, and probably some sex in there somewhere, too.

Theft, extortion, buying stolen property? That doesn't sound good for Gizmodo editor Jason Chen.

Steve said Flash is on its way out, again. Nothing new here, same stuff he said in the past on Flash.

Foxconn is not a sweatshop, says Steve. Apple is looking at the problems with the factory and what can be done about the suicides.

The iPad will gradually replace laptops

Walt asked Steve if the iPad could replace laptops. Steve had an interesting answer. He said, think of a time when we were farmers and we all used trucks. As we moved away from the farm, we started to drive cars. There are still trucks, but there are a lot of cars. In other words, the iPad will be great for lighter uses, but we'll still need some heavy duty computing as well.

Steve hinted that two U.S. iPhone carriers might be in the cards eventually

But he said AT&T is going to be much better by the end of the summer.

Steve said he thought of the tablet before the iPhone. When he saw the prototype of the tablet, he said, this should be a phone.

Steve didn't seem overly optimistic about redoing Apple TV

He said television has a subsidized model that gives everyone a free cable box. If you try to build another box, it's just that -- another box. People don't want that. The best thing would be to tear it all up and insert a new system with fresh UI.

This morning AsusTek introduced the Eee Pad, which is what we think Rupert was talking about.
Click here to see what the Eee Pad looks like >

Bonus: Here's a video clip from Steve's interview

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