Here’s Why We Ranked Steve Jobs The Best CEO In America

Steve Jobs at D8

[credit provider=”Adam Tow, All Things Digital”]

A few weeks ago, we took on the daunting task of ranking the best CEOs in the past 20 years. We poured over news articles and other rankings, and came up with a list that includes the likes of Alan Mulally, Howard Schultz, and even Rupert Murdoch (before his reputation completely tanked).We ranked the CEOs based on a 30-point scale, measuring company growth, corporate legacy and personal reputation. In the end, Steve Jobs edged out Jack Welch by one point be our top-ranked CEO in recent years.

We believe he deserves the title not only for building a company with a $326 billion market cap, or completely changing the way we live and work, but for his epic leadership and ability retain Apple’s startup culture even at nearly 50,000 employees. Few visionaries, if any, can claim so much.

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