Here’s How Steve Jobs Amazingly Weaved His Devices Into Our Identity

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[credit provider=”Dan Frommer, Business Insider”]

With the latest news, it seems like a good time to revisit a post I wrote a few months ago, The One Thing That Separates Apple From Microsoft.  Here’s an excerpt describing the Steve Jobs effect:The difference between Apple’s success and Microsoft’s lackluster performance can be summed up in one word – Leadership.  It takes more than smart employees, good technology, and market dominance to deliver great financial results. It also takes a Great Leader.

Steve Jobs understands Leadership, Vision, Inspiration and Branding are vital to business success. He gets it. He understands how to position his Brand in the soul of a human being, amazingly interweaving his devices into peoples identity. 

This is accomplished by casting a vision and allowing a tribe of followers to form around it. He also understands: it is first about the vision and only then the resulting products can come in to reinforce the vision with the consumer. Users of Apple products gladly follow when they realise the vision and resulting products make them feel better. 

Jobs’ vision is one where the terms “Think Different,” “Beautiful Creation” and “It just Works” are used in description. And although difficult to put into words as a consumer, you just feel it – viscerally.  It’s almost magical.  Jobs inspires with every word – not in a flaky, shallow and inauthentic manner – but a genuine manner. I understand no one is perfect, but he definitely gets how to move people.