Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin's old jetski is for sale right now on eBay

Picture: Australia Zoo/eBay

Crikey. Steve Irwin’s jetski is for sale.

This little beauty is in the prime of its life, having spent just a touch over 36 hours in 11 years under the gun from the sadly departed Aussie celeb zookeeper.

With bids starting at $6000, the Yamaha 2004 GP 1300R looks like decent value, but it’s the legacy you’re buying – and a chance to save a few animals.

According to Australia Zoo, the jet ski:

“…is a much-loved item of the Irwin family. Used by Steve himself, to entertain Bindi and Robert on their croc trips up north or to head out in the ocean to rescue a sick or injured animal or relase a sea creature back into their natural habitat.”

Wild ride. Picture: Australia Zoo/eBay

The Irwins offered the jet ski up as to promote a fundraiser for the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Each year, Australia Zoo hosts the “Great Garage Sale” in its carpark to help the hospital and the Irwin’s charity, Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

This year’s event is a twilight affair, held on Saturday, August 8. The flyer promises you’ll be able to get your hands on “pre-loved goodies” from Terri, Bindi and Robert as well.

But the jet ski is for sale on eBay only, and bids close on Sunday, August 9. They’ll only accept bids from pre-approved bidders. You can register here.

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