It Turns Out That A Congressman Is Not The Father Of A Model He Tweeted At On Valentine's Day


The story of a tweet sent from Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) to a 24-year-old model he claimed to be his daughter has taken another bizarre turn.Cohen has discovered that the model, Victoria Brink, is not his biological daughter as he had claimed. He found this out, bizarrely, thanks to a CNN paternity test. 

Cohen raised eyebrows in February when he sent a series of Valentines Day tweets to Brink, one of which included “ilu,” the abbreviation for “I love you.”

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The texts, sent in the middle of the State of the Union Address, were deleted but cataloged by Politwoops, which collects and saves deleted tweets from elected officials. When his tweet began to garner attention, Cohen revealed that Brink was his long-lost, out-of-wedlock daughter that he had discovered three years earlier.

But it turns out Cohen never had any scientific proof that he was Brink’s father. Instead, he had found Brink’s mother online, learned that she had a child and figured that the “maths looked pretty accurate.”

Cohen said he was “stunned and dismayed” at the results of the DNA test, but still felt very close to the young woman, who is in fact that daughter of Texas oilman John Brink. For his part, John Brink, who raised Victoria, said he never doubted his own paternity.

Watch CNN’s feature on Cohen’s complicated situation here:

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