INSTANT MBA: Don't Be Stubborn And Change Course If Necessary

steve case

Photo: Michael Seto

Today’s advice comes from Henry Blodget’s interview with Steve Case, Chairman and CEO of Revolution at Business Insider’s Ignition“Keep your eye on the prize and focus on your mission. Remember what you’re trying to do, what your value is, why it’s important, and at the same time, change course and direction. If the market’s telling you different things how are you going to adjust to that?”

Case says companies need to stay true to their overarching mission when they find themselves struggling, but that it is equally important to listen to others and what the market is demanding, because you need to adapt to what your customers want. If you don’t, your company may continue to struggle. 

When your company is facing change, reassess what you are fighting for, and be open minded to changing how you did things in the past. 

“You have to look at the long term and not just react to the short term …sometimes you’re wrong. You have to strike a balance and keep your eye on building something great, iconic, and built to last. If you’re stubborn, you are not listening to the marketplace and what smart people are telling you. It’s a balancing act.”

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