STEVE CASE: Why I Use Quora

steve case

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AOL founder Steve Case just answered a good question on Quora: “What brought you to Quora? What brings you back?”He basically says he checks in once a week and that he’s happy to give back to the Internet.

Here’s his response: 

I am pleased that my Quora answers have been helpful to you and apparently to others as well.  

I am happy to contribute. I signed up for Quora last Fall because I had heard about it and was intrigued. I was initially reluctant to post answers, as I wasn’t sure I wanted to add yet another social media responsibility to my repertoire. But I jumped in the water a couple months ago and started answering some of the questions that had been posed to me. I found it didn’t take that much time, and my answers helped clarify some things (especially related to the early days of the Internet).  So I am now happy to check in every week or so, and will post when I think I can add something to the dialogue. 

I have always enjoyed building and participating in the community aspects of the online medium. Indeed, I started writing monthly “letters from Steve” to members of our online community 20+ years ago, and regularly posted on AOL message boards, especially in the early years. I backed away as things got crazy, but reengaged via Twitter a couple years ago. I run into a lot of people who I don’t even know who say they get value from my tweets, and I hope the same is true with answers on Quora.  

I share the view that to whom much is given, much is expected. The Internet has been good to me (to say the least), and I am happy to give back. My hope is that some of my perspectives might be useful to others (and in particular helpful to entrepreneurs building companies, as I want to be a champion of their efforts). Plus, I am a sponge for knowledge, and I recognise I too can learn from participating. 

Thanks for asking.

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