INSTANT MBA: You Don't Have To Be 'Deeply Embedded' In Everything At The Company

Steve Case IGNITION 2012

Today’s advice comes from Steve Case, founder of AOL and Chief Executive of Revolution, via The New York Times:

“The art [of leading] is trying to set the priorities and assemble a team so you wake up in the morning and actually have nothing to do. It’s impossible to achieve, but it’s a good goal to have the right priorities and the right team in place so they can execute against those priorities.”

Case says appearing to work hard is not the point. He learned this in his 20s from his mentor and AOL co-founder Jim Kimsey. Prior to that, Case mistakenly thought he needed to be deeply embedded in all matters at hand. Instead, he learned that the real priority should be about setting the right framework for himself and his team. 

“The objective should not be looking busy, but actually creating a process that allows great things to happen in a way that you can be less involved … But at some point you’ve got to let go and you’ve got to step back. Ultimately, that is about trusting the people you’ve got — but also trusting yourself, that you’ve set the right context in terms of the vision, the priorities, the team.”

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