Steve Ballmer may have bought 4% of Twitter shares

Steve Ballmer may have purchased 4% of Twitter shares.

Steve Ballmer tweeted:

But, there’s a catch.

This account is not verified. Ballmer’s verified Twitter account is @clippersteveb. But, on that account Ballmer has tweeted that he is transitioning to the @steven_ballmer account. Twice:

And today:

We’ve reached out to Twitter PR, and our contact at Microsoft to try to figure out if this is in fact a new account for Ballmer.

If it is real, then Ballmer has made a big bet on Twitter. Twitter is currently valued at $US20 billion, so 4% of the company would be $US800 million. (We have no idea when he bought so, this is a rough estimate.)

Twitter has been beat down by the public market as investors question whether it’s ever going to be able to grow its user based to massive, Facebook-like levels. It just appointed Jack Dorsey as full-time CEO, but he’s also running Square a payments company which is in the middle of an IPO.

So, in short: Lots of questions! But, apparently Ballmer is a believer.

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