Steve Ballmer Talks About What Sinofsky's Departure Means For Microsoft

Steve Ballmer tablet

Photo: AP

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had barely sat down for an interview with LinkedIn cofounder and venture capitalist Reid Hoffman when he got the question on everyone’s mind: Why is Windows chief Steven Sinofsky gone from Microsoft?Ballmer was the guest star of the Churchill Club, a prestigious series of events that features the stars of the tech world. Wednesday’s interview took place at the Santa Clara Marriott.

Here’s how Ballmer answered:

Steven has some other things he wants to do in his life. He’s made one of the most amazing contributions that anybody will ever make at any company in terms of guiding a lot of our key activities and doing, sort of, great work on our engineering systems. We wish him well, and he’s always recommended. If you’re going to make a change, you make it on a product boundary. He’s living his principals, so to speak, and certainly we wish him, wish him well.

Ballmer then added: “Our new team is fantastic, maybe a little less well-known.”

Referring to Julie Larson-Green, half of the duo who took over from Sinofsky, Ballmer said, “She’s been with us 20 years [and] worked on Internet Explorer, Office, Windows and has been a driver behind the vision and will continue down the path.” 

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