Steve Ballmer Going Nuts On The Jumbotron At A Clippers Preseason Game

For those who have seen new Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer’s speeches, this is not going to be a surprise. But for those who are not familiar with the antics of Ballmer, this season is going to be quite a shock.

Ballmer is unlike any other owner in the NBA, and the early indications are that he has no plans to tone it down.

First he gave an incredible speech at a Clippers preseason prep rally introducing the team. Then, at the team’s first home preseason game on Wednesday night, Ballmer was shown on the jumbotron going full Ballmer. A PRESEASON GAME!

So awesome.

And we can thank Mark Cuban for giving Ballmer the perfect advice via

Whatever the opposite of muted is, that is what Ballmer is and what he will be as owner of the Clippers.

Later on in the game, Ballmer even helped staffers throw t-shirts to fans.

The NBA and other sports leagues need more Steve Ballmers, not fewer. Fans want to see that owners and players are as passionate about the games as they are and not just in it to make money.

And let’s face it, after spending $US2 billion to buy the Clippers, Ballmer is definitely not in this just to make money.

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