UPDATE: Young Nurse Charged In Sabotage Deaths Of 5 Patients

Becki LeightonRebecca Leighton

UPDATE: The Telegraph tweets that the nurse has been charged with “6 counts of causing damage with intent to endanger life”.ORIGINAL: 5 patients have died at a hospital in Stepping Hill, Greater Manchester, after a saline solution was found to be contaminated, reports the BBC.

Police believe that insulin was deliberately injected into a saline solution in an act of sabotage.

A nurse, Rebecca Leighton, has been arrested this morning on suspicion of murder, prompting a flurry of media interest.

The Sun calls 27-year-old Leighton a “popular party girl”, featuring pictures of her drinking and notes her apparent dislike for her work on Facebook:

In another [Facebook post] she wrote: “I hate nights – can’t wait for the weekend.” And in a third, she wrote: “Worst night’s sleep ever last nite, now for 14 hour shift aggghhhh”.

Her Facebook profile currently lists her work as “NHS” and says “god it hard work x” underneath. A Facebook page has now been set up called “Rebecca leighton innocent untill proven guilty“.

14 patients are suspected of being poisoned at the hospital, and more than 50 members of staff have been questioned, reports the BBC.

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