Stephon Marbury Finally Won A Championship And Then Made Out With The Trophy

Stephon Marbury, who last played in the NBA with the Boston Celtics during the 2008-09 season, scored 41 points in the decisive game of the Chinese Basketball Association finals, to lead his team to the championship.

As Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! Sports writes, this is nice, albeit surprising turn of events for Marbury, as many people just expected things to go terribly wrong when he signed to play in China in 2009.

But for us, the best moment of Marbury’s championship is this montage video documenting the final game. It is complete with cheesy 80s movie underdog music, and includes Marbury crying uncontrollably before the game, being tossed in the air by his teammates after the game, and then later kissing the trophy like he was about to score on a first date…


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